# Simpsons
Bits from the Simpsons.
"All this computer hacking is making me thirsty!" (so useful at work)
"You call this thing a SUPER COMPUTER??" (also useful for work)
"I just want attention"
--Grandpa Simpson (again, good for work)
"Lousy minor setback! THIS WORLD SUCKS"
"Let's Sacrifice him to our GODDD
"Ya silk-wearin' buttercup"
--Groundskeeper Willy
Homer Simpson is the Champion -- of the WORLD (LONG)
(Champion, just the last line)
Homer on responding to women's needs.
Mr. Burns meets the Germans. (LONG)
(Badge quote, but just the best line)
Krusty laughs
Krusty insults the audience
Homer on Thermodynamics.

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